There’s no more sales tax exemption on safety equipment. We reported on this when it passed but there’s nothing marketers actually need to do since the tax will be applied automatically by suppliers on purchases of these products.

Also gone is the $250 business entity tax. Personal driver’s license renewal has been extended to 8 years, but this doesn’t affect CDL licenses which remains unchanged renewal every 4 years on the driver’s birthday:—Renewal

Note that minimum wage which was increased last October 1 to $11/hr remains unchanged, and isn’t scheduled to increase to $12/hr until Sep. 1, 2020.

Federal overtime threshold is increased to $684/week or $35,568/year, below which employees are eligible for overtime, even if they are salaried administrative employees, not hourly.

More information here. Other state and federal laws that went into effect have no direct impact on petroleum marketers.