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Proudly Serving Our Members Since 1950

CEMA is a thriving organization with more than 585 members with 13,000 Connecticut-based employees whose priority is to strengthen and protect the future of the energy industry.

Clean Energy For Connecticut

Through advancing technology, consumer education, equipment maintenance, and financing and tax credit programs, we’ve been dedicated to reducing emissions and making environmental improvements.

Legislative Action

The collective strength of our membership provides the platform by which the petroleum industry can continue to flourish, by working with government regulators to promote, preserve and protect our industry in today’s business climate.

Keeping Connecticut Warm

Our members help keep millions of Connecticut families and businesses warm throughout the winter season.

Your World Of Energy

Connecticut’s petroleum industry employees 13,000 people across all 169 cities and towns.

Energy Conservation @ Home

Thirty years ago the average heating oil consumer used approximately 1,200 gallons per year. Today, that same consumer uses 700 gallons.

Operation Fuel

Help ensure Connecticut families and individuals in need have access to year-round energy assistance.

Hi-Tech Energy Solutions

CEMA’s promotion of the latest in Oilheat technology is actually a combination of several 21st century innovations from a number of equipment manufacturers.

Contact Your Elected Officials

Search by name or address to quickly find contact information for your Federal and State legislators.

Consumer Advisories

Check out the latest advisories for energy consumers

The evolution of oil heat, Bioheat® is Connecticut’s forward-thinking, new heating fuel. Bioheat blends ultra-low sulfur home heating fuel with 100% renewable, domestically-grown crops such as soybean, sunflower, linseed and sesame.

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CEMA Member News

TCI Zoom Press Conference
MA TCI Press Statement May 19, 2021

If enacted by the legislature TCI will set in motion an unending series of annual fuel price increases that will only stop if the state exits the program. Until that happens, every year going forward the citizens of these participating states won’t have any say over these prices increases, instead they will be set by a group of state regulators

TCI Zoom Press Conference
RI TCI Press Statement- May 19, 2021

Limiting the number of gallons of fuel that can be sold will only leave businesses and consumers short of the fuel they need to live. In my state, TCI would create a fuel shortage of 39 million gallons in the first year, rising to over 131 million gallons by 2032.

TCI Zoom Press Conference
CT TCI Press Statement- May 19, 2021

After a thorough review of data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) and TCI’s emission reduction targets, there is no way to avoid significant fuel shortages in our states.



#Biodiesel and renewable diesel are produced and used in significant quantities across the United States, helping states address the #climate challenge and clean air goals. Learn more about biodiesel's benefits at

The bright, green future of Oilheat is here – and it comes in the form of Bioheat® Fuel! Bioheat Fuel is a blend of biodiesel and Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil, creating a cleaner-burning alternative fuel that reduces our environmental impact.

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Oct 27th, 2020

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