Our History

In 1950, a small group of concerned fuel oil dealers and
gasoline distributors came together to do some good for their industry. The result was
the founding of the Connecticut Petroleum Association in 1950. Its
purpose was “the promotion of a spirit of friendship and fair dealing in the oil industry in Connecticut; the encouragement of the highest standards of trade practices; and the promotion of efficient conduct of our respective operations to secure true economy for the consumers of the products of our industry [from the incorporation papers, 12/4/50].” Since then, the ICPA has been providing a forum for petroleum marketers of all types to enhance their businesses and improve the industry. On January 1, 2013 ICPA became the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association [CEMA].

Today, the CEMA is a thriving organization with more than 585 members with 13,000 Connecticut-based employees whose priority is to strengthen and protect the future of the Liquid Fuels industry.

That spirit of our founders is still alive as CEMA leads the nation in promoting liquid fuels in a socially conscious, environmentally friendly way. Our 243 retail and wholesale heating and motor fuel members work to strengthen and protect the future of the petroleum industry through supporting the communities in which they live and work and through outstanding service to their customers.

CEMA keeps members up-to-date on the latest legislative and regulatory proposals from our state and federal government, and defends the interests of all Energy Marketers throughout the state of Connecticut. The collective strength of our membership provides the platform by which the liquid fuels industry can continue to flourish, by working with government regulators to promote, preserve and protect our industry in today’s business climate.