CEMA Membership


Petroleum Marketer / Retail

Fees are based on a per-gallon assessment based on gallons sold at retail.

Benefits of Membership   

CEMA works every day with members to help them comply with regulations, including answering questions they have on fuel taxes, consumer protection regulations, environmental regulations, labor laws, and DMV & DOT compliance

We provide periodic updates to you pertaining to surcharges, labor laws as they apply to wages, delivery laws, and guidance on dealing with the media.

152 members participated in our NORA funded Upgrade & Save program, where we paid homeowners nearly $267,000 in cash for heating system upgrades and tank replacements that they made through our members who in turn made millions of dollars in new installation sales.

We opposed the revised natural gas conversion plan, after which the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) publicly stated that they would “remove the conversion goals”. On behalf of our members we intervened with the Attorney General and Department of Consumer Protection on consumer complaints against them, resulting in no action being taken by the government against those companies.


Petroleum Marketer / Wholesale

Fees are based on one of two levels of wholesale sales, one fee for less than 50 million gallons sold and a second level for 50 million or more gallons sold.

Benefits of Membership   

CEMA remaines diligent in defending our industry from losing a third or more of its business from a government policy that is attempting to facilitate the expansion of 900 miles of new natural gas lines and the conversion of 280,000 oil heat customers to gas.

We launched a $225,000 TV and radio advertising blitz to support heating oil and Bioheat.  We gave over $150,000 to consumers to upgrade their heating systems and tanks.  We sent out over 8,000 direct mail pieces to homeowners to fight gas conversions.

On the motor fuel side, we helped jobbers and gas station owners by eliminating Stage II vapor recover requirements; we extended the length of life of USTs from 30 to 40 years; we updated regulations allowing electronic pump sign tops; we defeated plans to increase the gasoline excise tax by 2 cents per gallon; and we conducted education classes for single station owners to help them be more successful c-store operators and stay in regulatory compliance.



Fees are based on the number of employees the company has in the state: one fee for 5 or fewer employees, a second level for companies with more than 5 employees in the state.

Benefits of Membership   

And your success is to a large extent a function of the success of your customers, especially if you are vendors to our industry.  And it is CEMA’s mission to help ensure everyone in our industry succeeds.  As the only trade association in Connecticut representing heating oil, propane, diesel and gasoline retailers, we are on the front lines defending your customers from onerous regulations, and helping them with a variety of compliance and operational assistance so that their businesses will thrive so they can be better customers of your products and services.

We provide numerous networking opportunities for vendors: May Golf Outing; May 17-20 Eastern Energy Expo that we co-sponsor; June Chapter Meetings; Sep. 15-18 HEAT Show; and December 18th Holiday Party at the New Haven Lawn Club.  In addition we work with third-party publishers who sell advertising in our newsletter, magazine, annual directory, and website.