Chris Herb’s Statement Regarding DEEP’s Hearing Today For Comprehensive Energy Strategy (CES 2022) 

For Immediate Release:

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“While people were busy at work today trying to make a living, the state held a virtual public hearing regarding energy issues that would dramatically increase the cost of heating your home. They want to limit equipment and fuels that you can use to keep your home warm. This plan limits choices, limits competition, and will no doubt increase costs! Connecticut consumers already pay some of the highest energy costs in the nation. How much more can the people of Connecticut really take and why should they be asked to pay the price of an unrealistic plan to lower greenhouse gas emissions?

“It appears that The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection wants homes to be heated with electricity. Period. End of Story. 

“Limiting homes to electric heat would jeopardize the reliability of the electric grid and require Connecticut consumers to buy the highest cost energy.

“Also, be warned that “Big Brother” is watching! Today we learned that a map has been created that tracks what kind of heating system every house in the state uses! Yes, every house in the state! And it doesn’t end there. It turns out that the materials used to build your house could also be targeted for the state’s electrification plan.

“While your life may be very busy, we are imploring people to get involved in the process. If you don’t think you can afford more expensive heating options than you need to get involved.”

~Chris Herb, President and CEO of Connecticut Energy Marketers Association, a trade organization, which represents 600 local and family owned home heating oil companies in Connecticut