We would like to thank all of our members for the important role you are playing during this public health crisis.

As an essential business, you and your employees bravely face the public every day to make sure that they can fill up their cars, ensure that their heating systems are working properly, respond to no heat/hot water calls, and provide access to grocery store items at your c-stores.

Where emergency responders have been trained for these situations and know exactly how to handle them, we do not know if the customers we come in contact with are ill, but we still do everything in our power to meet their needs.

We want to feature on our social media and in local newspapers the work that your employees play in keeping people safe during these challenging times.

Please submit nominations with this form to Chris Herb at chris@ctema.com. Please put “CEMA’s Heroes” in the subject line.

We encourage you to nominate as many employees as you would like to recognize. This is our opportunity to bring these great stories into the community and to publicly acknowledge the people who work for you.