Last week, 50 CEMA members participated in the 4th annual March on Hartford.

Lead by CEMA Board of Directors Chairman Peter Russell of Santa Fuel (Bridgeport), participants started the day with a briefing on all of the issues that they were going to tackle with their local legislators.

Joe Scully from the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut provided background on the proposal to establish 58 toll gantries through the state, Peter Gigja from CBIA briefed the group on the devastating effect that paid family medical leave would have on our businesses, CEMA Vice President David Chu walked members through the impact the a carbon tax would have on the cost of fuel, Sharon Peterson of Apple Oil (West Haven) educated members on the benefits of a thermal renewable credit program for our fuel, and CEMA President Chris Herb covered natural gas leaks and protection conservation funding.

Nearly every member was able to meet with a legislator to communicate their position on issues that mean the most to their company and customers.

Several high level meetings took place with the Speak of the House of Representatives, the Senate Majority Leader and server committee chairs.

CEMA would like thank the members who took time to exercise their right to petition government and to take a few hours out of their day to help shape their future.