CETP/Book 2.5 Truck,Tank or Tractor Trailer May 22-24, 2012
This course identifies equipment and operating procedures for examining, maintaining, and operating ASME tank-setting trailers. Also covers: Verifying ASME tank condition. Loading/securing ASME tanks using cranes. Operating a dispenser to fill vehicle-mounted ASME tanks. Transporting ASME and Intermodal tanks, identifying safe driving techniques, and post-trip inspections Upon successful completion of each section the student will receive NPGA Certification. ---------------- Total fees include: registration fee, program,and NPGA test. ----------------- Students should bring the latest edition of NFPA 54 and NFPA 58 to the class as code books are NOT included in the cost of the class. ---------------- ICPA Reserves the right to cancel any class that does not meet the minimum requirement of at least 10 registered students. ---------------- NOTICE: THERE IS A PROPANE GAS ASSOCIATION OF NEW ENGLAND / PERC STUDENT REBATE AVAILABLE OF $150 PER STUDENT FOR THOSE WHO COMPLETE THIS CLASS AS LONG AS PERC MONEY IS AVAILABLE FROM THE PROPANE GAS ASSOCIATION OF NEW ENGLAND. THE LINK TO THE FORM EACH STUDENT MUST USE TO APPLY DIRECTLY TO PGANE FOR THIS REBATE IS FOUND HERE > http://icpa.org/tec/CETP_Rebate_Application.pdf...
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