ITEC/B Lic Day 3 / Pro Skills for Techs / Oct 8-12, 2012
What Does Your Customer Service Say to Your Customers? Customer Service isnít a department itís a philosophy. Without embracing that philosophy you can lose customers. This class is all about your technician - How that technician presents themselves and your company to your customers. The ten minutes your tech spends speaking to your customer may just be the reason they STAY a customer! Your technicians are one of your greatest assets. Itís time to take full advantage of a tremendous opportunity to develop a stronger bond between your company and your customers. Letís improve the level of professionalism in your company by giving your technicians the self-assurance they need to effectively communicate with your customers. Your technicians can enhance your company image and solidify your reputation with your customers. We will give your technicians guidance in customer management. Customers can be angels or demons. Your technicians need to be able to deal with all types of customers, their emotions and attitudes. (The techs too!) Tips and techniques on everything from greeting the customer, dealing with generation gaps, needy customers, pets, cluttered work areas, respect for the customer and their home, sales opportunities and much more. This is not your typical class. Participation is the key in learning how to manage customers. Itís fun and interactive, every student is fully involved in discussions and role playing. Satisfied customers arenít enough anymore, you want them to love your company and all you can do for them. Todayís consumers are smart and savvy, they shop around, surf the web and talk to their friends and co-workers. Customers are looking for value and convenience, but they want a company to treat them as if theyíre more than a number, that they are important. And They Are Important!! Without the customer you have no business! Class is 5 days. October 8-12, 2012
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