ITEC / Distance Learning/AO777-Basic Electricity/5_3_2010
This course covers electron theory, the structure of atoms, electromagnetism, inductance, insulators, and resistance. Students learn Ohmís law, series, parallel, and series/parallel circuits. ___________ The ITEC Distance Learning program is done in cooperation with the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium and is the same class as is taught at ITEC - only this version is web-based and requires registration and payment in advance of receiving password access. Only those students who have registered and paid ITEC may attend the web-based course and only those who pass the class will receive an ITEC attendance card indicating successful completion. __________________________ DISCLAIMER - IN REGISTERING FOR THIS CLASS YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTOOD AND WILL ABIDE BY THE DISCLAIMER PROVIDED ON THE ITEC WEBSITE WHERE THIS COURSE RESIDES.
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