ITEC / CDL Class B License Course /7-1-14
The Program - 41 Hour Certificate CDL Training Program 1. Classroom Preparation (For DMV written exam & permit) 2. DMV written exam & permit 3. Field Training (pre trip inspection & skills maneuvers) 4. Road Training (one-on-one on the road training) 5. Simulated Pre test 6. DMV Test Program prerequisites In order to be accepted into ITECís CDL license training program and obtain a CDL class B license you must meet the following requirements: Successfully complete the Physical Exam & Drug Test prior to the written DMV exam. Obtain a CDL Permit from the CT DMV. Students are responsible for all fees for the Physical exam, Drug test and due to the DMV. Be at least 18 years of age. Program Description (Program is conducted over a three week period) 1. Classroom Preparation for the DMV Written Exam and CDL Permit One 8-hr day of group classroom instruction, preparing students on general knowledge, air brakes, and cargo tanker material of the CDL-B written exam. Students can further prepare by taking a 2-hr simulated written exam on a computer ITEC. (10 Hours) 2. DMV Written Exam and CDL Permit (done at the DMV), (2 hours) 3. Field Training Groups of 4 take 16-hrs of skills preparation in ITECís skills course on a test truck, learning pre-trip inspections and the maneuvers on which they will be tested. [16 Hours] 4. Road Training Upon completion of Field Training, individual students will go on the road with an instructor for 3 hours of road test preparation. [3 Hours] 5. Pre Test Following the one-on-one training in the vehicle, small groups will be scheduled for a simulated skills and road test exam and be graded as if by the DMV. [8 Hours] 6. DMV Testing The DMV will come to ITEC and administer the skills/road test to groups of 8. This will be on site in ITECís skills course parking lot using vehicles students have trained on. This gives students extra confidence and increases the pass rate. [2 Hours]
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