ITEC Solar Thermal Cert / Feb 18-20, 2014
Looking to acquire your Solar Thermal License? ITEC can help. Our course is approved by the Department of Consumer Protection and covers everything you need to get you on your way to acquiring your solar thermal license. This 24 hour course is designed for those individuals who already hold Connecticut P or S Licenses. Our course will include all aspects of solar thermal work—installation, erection, repair, replacement, alteration or maintenance of active, passive and hybrid solar systems that directly convert ambient energy into heat or convey, store & distribute such ambient energy. ITEC’s Solar Thermal Certification Course covers solar theory, solar energy fundamentals, energy wave forms, heat transfer, insulation values and how they are effected by location, season and climate. The theory of how to correctly measure and size a solar system and make a site assessment will be covered. How to check for defects in materials and components will be covered. System piping, pool heaters, water relief, and other uses for Solar heated water will be discussed. Correct procedures, tools and equipment use will be emphasized. National codes relating to Solar heating systems and piping will be reviewed. These topics and more will be included in ITEC’s solar certification course. Course Objectives: Correctly answer questions relating to piping of solar systems. Properly identify tools, equipment and materials related to solar units. Appropriately answer questions relating to tanks, flow rates and wiring Accurately identify parts of a solar system. Determine everything is structurally and visually sound or if there are defects on any part of the entire installation. Worksite safety Join us for this 3 day course designed for those individuals whom already have prior S and P licensing and receive certification toward your Solar Thermal license.
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