ITEC / AC Systems Troubleshooting
Provide your technicians with the opportunity to obtain a complete understanding of modern air conditioning electrical components and fundamental skills required to troubleshoot and maintain residential & light commercial HVAC refrigeration systems. Letís give your technicians the advantage of confidence & skill to handle AC systems. They need analytical procedures, the ability to identify issues & determine a course of action to eliminate any problems or concerns with your customerís air conditioning unit. Topics to include: -Programmable Thermostats -Modern Furnaces -Air Handlers -Condensing Units -Air Conditioning Motors -Central Air Conditioning Wiring -Safety & Controls -Troubleshooting Technicians will be able to refresh their skills and learn some new ones. Join us in the lab: -Identify components -Measure system refrigerant pressures & temperatures -System airflow & capacity -Measuring wet & dry bulb air flow conditions -Calculating system superheat & subcooling -Restricted condensers & evaporator airflow -understand the proper charging methods -testing instruments for system diagnosis -General rules of safety -Understand EPA guidelines -Hands on evaluation of equipment Seminar includes: ACCA Calculator/Pocket Card Set (Superheat/Subcooling Charging Calculator/Slide Rule for use with HCFC-22 systems; Superheat/Subcooling Charging Calculator/Slide Rule for use with R 410A systems; Natural Gas Manifold Pressure Calculator; Pocket Service Card-Residential for HCFC-22 systems; and Pocket Service Card-Residential for HFC-134A systems) Entry Level Techs
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