ITEC / AC TroubleShooting May 28, 2014
Your Energy Conservation Technicians need the fundamental skills to properly install and maintain air conditioning systems in your customers homes. Provide your technicians with the opportunity to obtain a complete understanding of modern air conditioning electrical components and fundamental skills required to troubleshoot and maintain residential & light commercial HVAC refrigeration systems. Letís give your technicians the advantage of confidence & skill to handle AC systems. They need analytical procedures, the ability to identify issues & determine a course of action to eliminate any problems or concerns with your customerís air conditioning unit. Topics to include: -Programmable Thermostats -Modern Furnaces -Air Handlers -Condensing Units -Air Conditioning Motors -Central Air Conditioning Wiring -Safety & Controls -Troubleshooting Technicians will be able to refresh their skills and learn some new ones. Join us in the lab: -Identify components -Measure system refrigerant pressures & temperatures -System airflow & capacity -Measuring wet & dry bulb air flow conditions -Calculating system superheat & subcooling -Restricted condensers & evaporator airflow -Calculate refrigerant charge and understand the proper charging methods. -Proper use tools and testing instruments for system diagnosis -General rules of safety -Understand EPA guidelines -Hands on evaluation of equipment Seminar includes: ACCA Calculator/Pocket Card Set (Superheat/Subcooling Charging Calculator/Slide Rule for use with HCFC-22 systems; Superheat/Subcooling Charging Calculator/Slide Rule for use with R 410A systems; Natural Gas Manifold Pressure Calculator; Pocket Service Card-Residential for HCFC-22 systems; and Pocket Service Card-Residential for HFC-134A systems) 8:30am-3:30pm NOTE: Students will need to bring hand tools, meters and gauges.
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