Contact:  Gene Guilford or Chris Herb
For Immediate Release June 6, 2012


CT Already Has the Highest Diesel Taxes in the United States

[Cromwell, CT] The Independent Connecticut Petroleum Association, representing the majority of the state's retail motor fuels outlets that sell gasoline and diesel fuel, called on the General Assembly to repeal the forthcoming 5c per gallon increase in the state's diesel tax when it meets in Special Session on June 12th. The increase of 5c a gallon in the state's diesel excise tax is slated to take effect July 1st.

ICPA President Gene Guilford said, "According to the Federation of Tax Administrators 1/, Connecticut already has the highest state diesel taxes in the United States and adding another 5c a gallon to what is already a punishing, uncompetitive and regressive 46.2c a gallon is unnecessary and needs to be repealed before it goes into effect July 1st." Guilford added, "Connecticut's existing state diesel excise tax makes our state grossly uncompetitive with our neighboring states to the extent that truckers who transit Connecticut avoid buying diesel fuel here in favor of less expensive states such as Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Jersey."

Without taxes, Connecticut's diesel fuel prices are about the same as everywhere else in the region. With taxes, Connecticut has the second highest diesel fuel prices in the region and the highest state diesel taxes in the nation.

This is the time for the General Assembly, in light of what is already a grossly uncompetitive and punishing level of state diesel excise taxes, to stop the forthcoming 5c a gallon increase before it goes into effect.



ICPA represents more than 576 Connecticut based independent businesses. These businesses serve more than 680,000 heating fuels consumers, employ 13,000 Connecticut citizens at the majority of our state's 1,400 motor fuels outlets and 600 heating fuels retailers. ICPA's offices are at 10 Alcap Ridge, Cromwell, CT  06416. 

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