Contact:  Gene Guilford or Chris Herb
For Immediate Release  April 3, 2012


Does it make a difference in gas prices ...

[Cromwell, CT] Today Governor Malloy signed the legislation aimed at restraining the increases in the Connecticut gross receipts tax when wholesale gasoline prices rise. 
As we said last week in our analysis of the legislation as it was poised for passage, see the immediate impact on gasoline prices, assuming wholesale prices remained level, would be minimal, or about 1.7c per gallon. The primary advantage in the new law would be restraining the increases in Connecticut's petroleum gross receipts tax as the tax is "capped" at $3.00 per gallon [7.53% is the tax rate x 3.00, or capped at 22.59c per gallon]
Here is the average wholesale price of regular gasoline in the state's largest wholesale supply point, New Haven harbor, over the last few days:
4/2/2012    $3.2958
4/1/2012    $3.2289
You see the average wholesale price of regular gasoline went up by 6.6c per gallon just last night. Retailers will be paying 6.6c a gallon more, on average, for their deliveries beginning today.  Yesterday, the gross receipts tax yielded 24.31c per gallon [.0753 x 3.2289] and if capped today at $3.00, would yield 22.59c per gallon, or a difference of 1.7c per gallon. Yet, the wholesale price paid by local retailers went UP by 6.6c on average, effectively wiping out the benefit of the decrease in the tax.
The best we can say today is that the price of wholesale gasoline will not increase by 1.7c and 6.6c together, as CT will not impose the additional 1.7c tax beginning tomorrow.


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