Contact:  Gene Guilford or Chris Herb
For Immediate Release  January 26, 2011


Public Service Announcement/Media Advisory

As we dig out from one of the largest snow fall totals that Connecticut has experienced in its history, it is important to remember to shovel out fire hydrants, clear paths for emergency personnel (ambulance, fire, police, etc.), and to ensure that your local heating oil and propane supplier has access to deliver fuel your home, and public utilities companies and public safety officials can respond to emergencies.

The ability to have access to your home, by the many public and private people who provide goods and services to you, on a routine or emergency basis, has been hindered because of the unusually high snow totals.

NOTE: Homeowners need to be especially mindful of the exhaust vents from their heating systems. Vents on the side of homes can easily become blocked by high snow and result in heating system malfunctions and carbon monoxide gas getting into the home and creating an extreme safety hazard. Make sure exhaust vents are clear of all obstructions.

The health and well being of Connecticut residents is of the utmost importance. State and local snow removal personnel have been working diligently to make streets and highways passable. Be mindful of neighbors in need and lend a helping hand when possible. Together, with your help, we can ensure that everyone is safe.

Thank you!


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