Connecticut Average Gasoline Prices - 1/17/2013

New Haven Average Wholesale / Regular Gasoline $2.7807
Connecticut Gross Receipts Tax [7.53%] or capped at .2259 when the wholesale price reaches or exceeds $3.00 $0.2094
Connecticut Excise Tax $0.2500
Federal Excise Tax $0.1840
Total Cost Before Leaving New Haven Harbor $3.4241
Transportation from New Haven to local stations $0.0400
Credit Card Company Charge per gallon [2% of sale price] $0.0736
Cost Before Dealer Mark-up $3.5377
Dealer Mark-up to pay for utilities, payroll, property taxes, environmental compliance $0.2000
What The Retail Price Would Be With All Costs $3.7377
Actual AAA Connecticut Average Retail Cost $3.6890

**CT & NY use ethanol instead of MTBE as a oxygenate. As a result, blenders of gasoline with ethanol may apply for a 4.5¢ per gallon refund off the 18.4¢ per gallon federal excise tax.